Opening Up My Soul

I began setting up this crazy blog over the summer. I have been adding new posts (not publishing them) since then. I have been very excited about it, but also not very motivated to get these posts published.

I said, “Oh, I want to wait until I have some posts sitting in the wings so I have something to pull from.”

Yet, the reality is that this blog is a mission from God for me. Weird for some to maybe hear that, but it is. As I stated before, I have kept a journal for years. I am, as a friend calls it, an “outgoing introvert”. I have opinions that everyone knows, but my thoughts that come through my heart and soul those are MINE!!  Right?  Well, I have recently come to realize that many are not!  Many are meant for me to share with the world…HIS WORLD!

NOW THAT IS THE REAL REASON I HAVE PUT THIS DAY OFF. I am scared to open myself up to, NOT people that I have come to know oh the past 10 years…NOT the people closest to me…NOT strangers…WHO THEN??? Those people in the middle. Those people that have known me, BUT not this side of me. Yet, God is with me on this so HERE WE GO ON THIS WONDERFUL JOURNEY. Enjoy!

So, from this post forward I will be posting once a week until my life gets a little less chaotic we will gradually move to everyday. This week you will get two posts this one today and another tomorrow. Just had to do this one first. Expect an updated post on Sunday’s or Monday evening’s. Remember I am a writer from thought NOT an editor.

To the person God needed to hear any or all of this I am praying for you!  God’s Peace be in your heart!