About the Momma


I am born and raised in a very small town, aka a village, in Michigan.  My husband and I come from families that have lived in our town for now 4 and 5 generations. Are we typical small town hick people?  Maybe in some cases.  We enjoy living on our peaceful dirt road, hanging clothes on our line to dry, and growing our on veggies.  We enjoy that people know how to pronounce our last names and that the older generations have amazing stories to share to us and our kids about our family heritage.  We enjoy watching the farm equipment drive up and down our road.  Yet, some things city folk may not know about country hicks is that these one’s read, learn, challenge our minds, enjoy meeting new people, get involved in saving our country for our kids and future generations, and love with a passion.  We also truly love and believe in the future of our beautiful state of Michigan. We enjoy the miles of beaches and abundance of lakes, rivers, and streams to explore with our kids.

My life has been an amazing one of discovery.  Discovering who I was created to be and then figuring out what I was created to do.  I am pretty comfortable with the who, but am still working on the what.  Though I do have a pretty good idea where God is leading me.  I just have to be patient and take the daily steps to get there.

For me info just keep reading my blog.  I will share stories as time goes on.